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Feedback about ThePokerNotes application
Share your experience and give us your feedback about database application in this thread.
Here are just  couple of random feedback's from ours members who are using our app:

I made one interview from one of our subscribers
It's awesome. You can get very usefull info about the guy and you don't have to play dozens of hands with him.
I’m happy to announced recorder of January logins to the site is….. Andros!

He made more than 65 logins into the site and made 355 searches. 

We made one interview with him


How much money did you earn previous month (December 2015)?

if I remember correctly, last month (December ’15) I earned roughly 2.3k

How much money did you earn this month (Januar 2015)?

And the profits of January were 5k EUR, so twice the amount than the previous one. I hope this tendency continue

Can you share with us if thepokernotes application is useful or not?

Very useful!, it had helped me to save money in some scenarios and to execute the best plays vs certain players, which is equal to more profit of course

Are you going to continue using it? 

I’ll continue using it, it’s already part of my  poker session routine. It’s very clever and practical idea!  

Here is Andros blog so you can check his progress from the start.

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