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It's all about HIGH stakes and going for XX.XXX€ month ;)

I'm Jan. Currently i'm playing nl 100- nl 2000€ HU cash games.

If you're interested and you would like to know more about me you can check my interview for High Stakes Database here: Click on it

Why am i here? 

I'm going to show you some interesting spots at my daily games, try to write something funny and give you some good tips how to increase winnings or progress faster. 

I want to find dedicated people who are prepared to put a lot of work for their dreams. Either by searching on ThePokerNotes database, writing blog/stories on this forum or just being active in community. That way i can give opportunity to everybody who deserves it.

I'm going to improve my note taking system and i'll became more effective with taking notes and adaptations

That's why i'm here.

For the end one hand where i called just because of the reads:

GL until next time Wink

- I put a lot of effort in improving my game. I went thru many situations and found out decent amount of error/possible adaptations in my game.
- I put around 30-50h in learning other things beside just NL HU. Sometimes i feel that i would progress 2 times faster if i would just cut them. The question still remains in 2016.. do i really want that?
- I took 2 times more free days than normal since there were holidays and good time to spend some earned money … ?
- I played probably around 100- 120h and got around 20k hands. Numbers are just rough estimation while i checked pt4 graphs and so on.
- i was  working on BPC standard lines and i was trying to improve them.

Including spend money on education i still earned  15.000€ on poker tables.

I am  super crazy about it since i didn’t grind so much. I really though that 10k should be hard to get while i was doing so many things.

# AlreadyFive10k€+months in a row

also…. Happy new year!

I started playing on 2.1 and i was already messing little with one guy.

All lines didn’t work like those.. but who cares if most of them work ?

I smell a rat, what about you?

Wopsaaa another TILT starting hand for my friend

The biggest note taker, Somebody
Today was quite interesting

It started like this

After it i quickly jumped into action vs one bad reg on nl 1k

It started really well, i was punishing him for every leak as much as i can with my current knowledge.

Pots were flying and i was really confident in my game. I would say that i had quite nice edge vs this guy for those stakes.  However i figured it out that this is not the end of my potential . Having 4-7bb edge on nl 1k vs that player? Fuck this.. i can do way better than that.

I found out many spots where i should step on the gas and send his ass to hell.  Tomorrow it’s day to go thru match and figured out if those adaptations would have been good in math and logic prospective.  On highest limits i don’t test new things so much unless i know for sure that they should work.

Reasoning behind is mainly because: you don’t want to fuck up rare good nl 1k matches, opponents are way smarter and they can figure you out way more often, pots are bigger so your learning mistakes can cost you way more money and assumptions  might be more off since smarter people are more likely to quickly switch gears

Maybe i already wrote to much ?

Let’s keep it simple.

Would be to interesting see if people would figured it out what kind of notes i had on this guy to make this move.

Any idea?
I made interview for ThePokerNotes January recorder!

I’m happy to announced recorder of January logins to the site is….. Andros!

He made more than 65 logins into the site and made 355 searches. (Sevbhio still kicked your ass in searches for almost 2 times!)  

As a coach i always check those stats for everyone. They just show me how much students are actually taking serious my advises. For me it’s not about either they are going to make money or not ( because i know that it’s easy to make 2k without doing every homework). It’s all about how faster they are going to progress with doing every fucking thing and how much more money they are going to make because of that next month, next 3 months, next year.

 Lazy asses just can’t compete with people who are high achievers and are willing to put in tons of efforts. No matter how smart they are or they think they are..  


How much money did you earn previous month (December 2015)?

if I remember correctly, last month (December ’15) I earned roughly 2.3k

How much money did you earn this month (Januar 2015)?

And the profits of January were 5k EUR, so twice the amount than the previous one. I hope this tendency continue

Can you share with us if thepokernotes application is useful or not?

Very useful!, it had helped me to save money in some scenarios and to execute the best plays vs certain players, which is equal to more profit of course

Are you going to continue using it?

I’ll continue using it, it’s already part of my  poker session routine. It’s very clever and practical idea!  

Here is Andros blog so you can check his progress.
February report

Studying and making all things great previous months payed off!

February was like that:

first 10 days…  Well.. i didn’t play much. I made 800 bucks from Brazil and landed shocked as hell at home.  People made me laugh how “unfortunate” am i that i’m actually earning full normal salary on 10 days holidays and everything was fine again Smile

Second 10 days… Learned stuff from Brazil made me really strong and my focus was on 120%. I was fully committed  and with some days off  I still  made my best 10 days profit number- around 14k . I think i implied some of my ideas/spots really great.

Third 10 days..Kings days continue.. I was collection my share all around my kingdom!

I organized and educated myself a lot in last 3 months. I did 80% of planed things and i added some other projects into my schedule. I believe i’m set for my first 30k month next month. Many successful people say that you already see it clearly before it happens,…. Is this that time?    

# ForPerfectExsecutionThereIsNoSpaceForDoubts!

Normally i don’t look at graphs but it’s a RECORD month so…. (some hands are missing )

1 graph

2. graph

Like i tell all guys in coachings….

IF you do it fucking  ONE  TIME it’s like you didn’t do it. Prove it second time and you’ll get my respect!

# 2x 20k+ mark reached

Overall :  25.800€   winnings from tables

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