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Note Taking Course
Taking poker notes

How to profile and exploit any opponent on your poker table

By Jan also known as Somebody in poker community.

It's useful for Heads up, 6max, MTT, SNG, PLO, spin and goes and many more formats!

“Why should I buy this course if there is so much other stuff on the internet where I can get similar information for free?”

I would say that there is a reason why some things (not all!) are free. The simplest answer to  it is because they all suck! The same principle holds for doctors, lawyers, investors or POKER PLAYERS. Every person who became really successful had to search for many, many free solutions and advice on the internet, all over the world. Like you now. But everyone is doing this nowadays…. So the question is WHY  some people are the best in their  profession, and others are not? 

It’s simple. It’s not about the money you pay. It’s about your TIME and what you do with it! Successful  people don’t search the internet 24/7. They find out who is the best and go to them for coaching/advice and pay whatever the cost is. Check some of them – 90% of them had super good mentors, whether you know it or not.

Example: You can go and search the internet, get some info and of course get some value out of it for free. But is this the most +EV decision you can make with your time?

In this course I’m going to:
  • Present to you all basic things which you need to know (so you don’t need to worry if you just started playing poker or you’re new to it)
  • Give out my most important advice and tips. I always get straight to the point. No bullshit talk in there. Many people have sent me messages how much money x advice and y advice brings them on a weekly basis!
  • I’ll not bother you with all the theory and long non-interesting stuff,  but will go right in the action through 26 hand examples of note taking. Here it’s also important that I’ll guide you and give you many hints which spots are important, when you need to take a note and on what should you focus the most.
  • PPG part is 17 minutes long and in my opinion a good example of how to totally crush some opponents. After you’ll watch it you’ll see how much can you do with a couple of notes. It’s full of different adaptions so basically you get coaching from me for free. (Normally I would charge more than this course is selling for, just for this part).
  • The whole course is 1 hour 20 minutes of video material

Don’t waste your limited time. After 1 or 2 months you’re going to laugh about how good this investment was. [Image: 1f609.png]


ONLY 19.95 EUR 

Payment methods:
- PayPal
- Neteller
- Skrill
- For other options and more info contact us.

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