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Meditation Poker and Fitness
Good News and Bad News
I hit a luck spree today, and ran into some good games against a really weak regular who was willing to give up some good action. It was really nice to be able to play that match. I will still continue working on my mental game. Am currently sitting at 19k hands in 36 hours. Very nice. I didn't mean to play that much during these last few days.. it just kind of happened.

Now the bad news is that I didn't get to meditate and will only be meditating to sleep so another 5 euro to the Bank of Ilidek. 
I went into work with a smile on my face & Instant vacation mentality + Tilting / Mental Game.

That’s crazy isn’t it… ? Today I was like oo shit you know what sounds fun right now? some Poker. I had a set intention already and loaded a decent amount of games. It was really nice as I already knew what to do and stuck to it. I had no intentions of stopping today and will not for the foreseeable future. I’m more then likely going to show up at an absurd rate and continually play every day, if not constantly playing then studying my mental game or some other projects related to poker like I have been for the last few days focusing on the mental game action still happened to be decent while doing both. The day that this no longer happens is the day I will go on a snap 1 week vacation.

When I started my session early on, I got slightly tilted as one of the daughters of the cook was screaming a lot and I was trying my best to focus to play the best I can. When I noticed that instant form of tilt I just turned on music to try to block out her noise (even though I preferred to play without music sometimes like I did today). Later in the session I was bored against this particular opponent and needed to keep myself pumped up as he was one of those instantly profitable opponents that you just needed to grind out. I turned on some music and proceeded to turn it really loud only to have my roommate knock in and tell me to turn it down. I was a bit mad cause I hate getting distracted during sessions, yet him knocking because my music was loud was entirely justified, thing was I forgot that my music was turned loud because I normally have it at a normal soft volume but because of the daughter situation my music was loud. Anyway I quickly got over it and managed the tilt for a split second and go back to trying to focus/ remember the exact situation of what was going on.

I read a excerpt on the Mental Game and have realized how amazing this book is when you think about things in that perspective. There was one part talking about illusions from both side, or how everyone says I’m +EV in this line up but I was running bad. The book then proceeds to say how come everyone can say that. Its amazing actually at how many times I may have been in a game where I was probably an underdog and didn’t recognize it said I had an edge, vice versa as well of course.

Work everyday, enjoy it everyday, and become it everyday. A piece from the mental game identifying the things I need to work on.

Identify all the good things your doing, no matter how insignificant they seem.
Playing good volume. Making sure I stay in more favorable line ups lately while still consciously playing in unfavorable line up for other motives: learning experience, video review, copying the competition and goals of eventually beating them and being the favorite. Studying my mental game, writing a lot more lately to help cleanse my thoughts. Meditating, going to the gym, going out occasionally and balancing my life.

2. Write out a list of what you need to be doing.

Exactly what I’m doing now, along with running through the more mathematical side of the game: MAINLY the “softwares” such as Equilab.

Prioritize the most important things you need to be doing.

Make a reasonable plan for how to start doing them.

I think I’m doing it right now and its quite reasonable, I also need to start downloading said softwares and sit down and do the work to figure out how to beat it.

Write down the excuses you previously made to avoid doing them.

Lazy, scared of math, theory makes me tired. I never did it before.

Write down why each excuse is flawed or false.

It is flawed because if I wanted to compete against others and eventually beat the other competition this is something I’m going to have to do, they are gathering a huge edge on me by knowing the GTO perspective side of the game when I know very little of it.

Commit to executing your plan and avoiding excuses.

Tomorrow is an illusion, so today I will download the software, start working on it when I get back from the gym, while reading the mental game side of the game still. As I am leaking in it still and probably will for a long time, as long as I CONTINUALLY become slightly better in it it will be worth it. So far my mental game progression has been phenomenal for me and I’m excited to continually work on it. Doing things like this will be easier then it has ever been in my career mainly because I actually FINALLY enjoy this shit. Hahaha I get to laugh to the bank and play video games everyday that’s funny. It reminds me of the time when I fell in love with picking up chicks went out and hunted for 15 days straight, that shaped me and molded my character in many ways.

$$ What job can be better then times when you still want to play, but don’t entirely want to play the entire field so you have that option and you can lay in your hammock and read. hahahhaa motha fuckin poker. $$

P.S I’m at 21K hands and I think I been taking it a bit easy since I’m focusing on a lot of other things and trying to make sure my game is really strong MENTALLY. I’m eating that frog and fixing one of my major leaks. Next will be running through software GTO things all day. 100K hands /month should be no problem one day. Not this month, and probably not next month I am not concerned about that right now. I am more concerned about MENTAL FOCUS+ STRENGTHENING my C-GAME and understanding THEORY.
I had two questionable calls but don't know if I hate it or love it.. I think I am leaning more towards hate since I was wrong with both of them. haha no raelly. I'm thinking one was okay call and other one should have been a fold... at the time I couldn't find a fold against this maniac. All in all it was a good week. I have to share I guess this graph though since it is another milestone. I really won't make this a habit.. I hope.

Mainly want to share because I'm a rakeback expert now, this is since I went drug free. woohoo. I'm really excited about my game lately and am fixing a lot of things constantly it took a long time but it was worth it hopefully I can continue to win beyond rakeback now!

[Image: awT8G4N.png?1]


[Image: sv8yOXl.png?1]

Man looking at this stuff is giving me a headache and my mind just wants to snap quit and go to sleep. I know it is a limiting belief and after I get it and after I notice the benefit I will be hooked on it. Today I started a bit of it and am making a process to make it a daily habit. First things first before I can do it I have to learn how to do it have to grind a bunch of tutorial videos and follow instructions. I don’t think I ever was really good at following instructions, I was kind of street in it. Actually think its because my dad couldn’t read English and just went with it so I got that habit from him. Trying to follow instructions kind of scares me I want to kind of cry. Hold me.

In other news I’m more ready to brawl it out again on the streets, and for the time being I am willing to play anyone at 400NL 3 tables-4 Tables.

I think I’ve gathered some good focus and managed to understand more of it while analyzing it, I am looking forward to taking the oppositions money soon. If you want it come test me, but you’ll end up resting. I’ll be here in the same ol’ spot trying to grind my way to the top.
New Advice from the Sensei and Movies + Goals

I played a decent session and proceeded to get smashed. No problem I stuck it through and played it as best as I could, it has still all in all been a very fantastic week winning wise, mindset wise, fitness wise. I wanted to get my feet wet and try myself against another great player again. I think I did okay and he was better then me. No problem again I actually learned a lot from communicating with the better player, trying to gather as much info about his thoughts outside of the table very valuable experience. I have no issues with that I should be worse, it is just putting everything in objective with my mission goal. Which is just to compete with as much people as possible and become the best I could be. I decided to stop the challenge a bit early at 200NL @63K hands instead of the initial 100K as I feel the field is a bit to soft for my taste for me to continue and the hourly isn’t worth the motive. I want to compete and play against tougher opponents.

So.. I already have an idea after getting advice from the Sensei and will implement it immediately which is just to duke it out with everyone at 400NL instead now, for however many hands I’m not sure I will play and see. He runs a very busy schedule, I’m requesting extra time, offering to pay more if necessary as I am very serious about improving and want to get better immediately.

Now I’ve been working very hard so its time to relax and watch some movies, resume later tomorrow or tuesday will be focused on the professional side of poker: setups, GTO shit, and adding more sites. This depends on the availability of the sensei of how I will adjust my schedule.

Oh and my future goals for my poker career? If I do manage to climb my way up? Meditation and Poker 1KNL + Million Dollar Grind, Billion Dollar Mind. Yes I do only want to play 1KNL+, I think I would need around 400K for me to cut all stakes lower the 1KNL. I have no idea when that set time will happen, I am not concerned with that actually my brain switched and stopped giving a fuck about things like that, actually even stopped caring about money I am actually living extremely well and eating good it doesn’t cost so much to pick up that amount of money a month either so its fine I put it all on the line for my new found passion, WHAT I do care about is that I want to make sure I’m winning in these games and my BB winrate is good/ I feel that I’m ahead of the competition. Money is only a tool for me to get into these games comfortably without being stressed, at the moment I’m not ready and I am only ready to battle everyone mainly at 400NL.

This time I might just make it. gl everyone at the tables except if you meet me at the felt
GL with your setups!

I spend a lot of time and money on mine. It costs more than 3k€. Many people were saying that i shouldn't spend so much money on it since at that time i didn't earn a lot more than that per month. But looking it backward it was one of my best investment i made.
(01-11-2016, 12:20 AM)Somebody Wrote: GL with your setups!

I spend a lot of time and money on mine. It costs more than 3k€. Many people were saying that i shouldn't spend so much money on it since at that time i didn't earn a lot more than that per month. But looking it backward it was one of my best investment i made.

I ended up getting an expensive set up, probably not that much but maybe will upgrade along the way. I noticed yours and was very impressed by it. I am sure it will pay tenfold down the road. It was a huge leak of mine always as a professional. My set up was always pretty average/ below average.

A beautiful break.
Outside of playing a lot, I think I worked on a lot of other aspects of the game that was necessary. It was a nice semi-vacation. I got my set up going, came up checked on chairs, went to gym relaxed. I’m pretty exhausted still for whatever reason. I’m not sure why, going to play today though anyway in really soft line ups aka whale v me type line ups/ if not work on some other projects related to poker if i’m really not up for it.

Crazy games, future aspirations, the live scene.
Despite this everlasting downswing of online poker: continually getting tougher, less fishes everyday, rake increasing an absurd amount. Removing of deals, whatever really that comes along the way. It’s so funny, this is the games we embarked in and we feel that we are entitled to earn set amount forever. Very funny indeed to me. I realized this is a wild game, with a wild ride, there will be highs, there will be lows. Unfortunately for the new ones this is during the times of low potential, but hey if your doing it entirely for the money and starting this year you should probably walk away unless you live in an area such as Romania, Cambodia, Poland, Latvia etc. Where your wage is absurdly low. If your a US citizen, or from Norway, swede and your doing this for money steer away immediately your entering the wrong arena. That is not to say the games will be like this forever, there are plenty of random elements that can come around and happen. For me personally, I will just continue to play, enjoy the game, take my breaks when necessary, and become the best player I can. I’ve consciously decided that I entered this game this year for PLEASURE, money will always be secondary to me now. And who knows, maybe some soft California games may come around and I’ll be top dawg and have such a massive winrate and all the Europeans will hate being Europeans just like I hate being American at this current state of poker. Or maybe one day I’ll get into the soft live scenes and try to take a shot there. Who knows really for the future. I know my mission, my purpose. Do you know yours?
Didn't feel it today, so running through matches, watching videos and reviewing.

I ended up not wanting to play today, so I am watching other material that I have in mind to do. I am also going to continue reading the mental game. Maybe tomorrow I'll be in the mood to play. Not sure. I don't feel sick of the game but, I am not sure why I don't want to click buttons. Am I scared? Am I waiting for my set up to be complete? Am I waiting for my 1 on 1 session? Is it because I lost a lot my most recent session?

I really need to contemplate over these thoughts.
shrug, ended up trying to bum some tables but then ended up playing because I wanted to defend my tables.

Think I played to the best of my abilities today. a bit concerned about my hands won, as its under 50%.. but I'm not sure where it went wrong. Probably not that big of a deal still worth thinking about.
Took another shot at a tough opponent I do this from time to time where I try to find the toughest opponent and play to see how far they are from me. He beat me again, this time around I don't think he was much better, it was a much more closer line up. Still think he is more balanced and his range is slightly more mixed then mine was. No problem. Competition is amazing and exciting. I'm done doing that for a while though as that was a stake I probably had no business playing in. That's the great part I guess about not giving a damn about money, sure I don't have a lot, but I have no problems with dealing with things like that/ trying things like that. I'm going to go and play a lot of MSNL, there are tons of line ups available for me and my game is still being worked on, that's the beautiful part about it all. It is never a set back just a step closer for me to be able to beat all line ups at MSNL, the closer I am to say beating said player at 1K, the closer I will be able to beat all at 400NL/600NL which is the ultimate goal for the time being. Before eventually climbing higher and higher in line ups.

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