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Meditation Poker and Fitness
Took yesterday off to work on a couple of other things related to poker.
I was not so happy with my mental game, and started digging into why. I was scavenging around and looking at what people think about it, and I think just what Mason says in his book makes a lot of sense. That once you just refine and fix all your strategy this idea of tilting at all 7 levels or whatever is complete nonsense. His point of view is something like... if you messed up in a spot where you consciously know the effort its more like you aren't totally sure of the spot and need to put in more time into working on that area.

Anyway, thought that was fairly interesting, I've also started finally dabbling in some huplo at the same time. I'm getting use to the transition and the different skill sets it takes, should be ready for it completely by a few more weeks. Will excitedly be looking to battle anyone there very soon too...

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